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Regattas at Geelong A4 Traffic Rules – BARWON REG 2018 – updated 2017

The maps detail the rules for ‘on river’ traffic.

Map 1 – Barwon Regatta – Traffic rules – Racing – (preparation to enter the course)

Crews entering the river at the rowing landing on the North bank are to proceed downstream staying on the North side of the river, in a single file. Crews should then turn upstream once they have passed the red turning buoy and then proceed along the buoyed transit lane which commences on the South side of the river just to the East of the Moorabool St bridge over the Barwon. Crews should proceed in single file in the transit lane and must not enter the racing lanes of the course. Crews continue in the transit lane until they pass the start line and then enter the marshalling area upstream of the start, turn back downstream when it is safe to do so, and then proceed to the required lane for their race.

Crews must follow directions of the boat race officials (BROs) at all times.

Map 2 – Traffic rules racing, competition area – (preparation to the start line)

Crews proceed along the transit lane on the south bank, in single file. Crews should turn onto the 1000m course after they have passed the start line and before the 1500m start line, and position themselves in the correct lane. BROs will direct crews when necessary.

If crews row past the 1500m start line they are required to continue to row upstream along the south bank side and turn back downstream after the last red buoy just before the Shannon Ave bridge, and then come back to their lanes to line up for their race.

Rowing is permitted beyond the Shannon Park bridge  to Queens Park bridge Рplease note boats are to continue to row with their strokeside oars closer to the bank all the way to Queens Park.