Welcome to Rowing Geelong

We help manage rowing on the Barwon River in Geelong, including river usage, regattas and administration.

Rowing Geelong is proud to host the ‘Annual BARWON REGATTA; January 27 and 28, 2018.

Please be advised of updated rules for REGATTA RACING on the Barwon – for the 2017-2018 season.


NOTE: Crews rowing past Shannon Park bridge are to continue to row in single file, staying to theĀ  – ‘Strokeside’ bank. Midnight to Midnight of the regatta race days.

Regatta Management

Regattas in Geelong

Regatta Management

We run and administer the GRA Regattas in Geelong over our 1500m four lane course. We have a range of regattas from school only regattas through to the two-day Barwon Regatta.

Manage Rowing in Geelong

We administer rowing in Geelong

Manage Rowing in Geelong

We work with the Geelong rowing clubs and schools to administer all aspects of rowing in Geelong. We control the Barwon River rowing rules to working with other river users and government bodies to ensure that rowing is considered.

Advocate for Rowing

Advocate for Rowing in Geelong

Advocate for Rowing

We advocate for rowing in Geelong with a number of organisations including government, sporting bodies, and river users.

Our Facilities

  • 5km training river length
  • 1500m 4 lane buoyed course
  • bike paths and clear vision over 1500m
  • Extensive launching facilities

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